About Biohacking

What you need to know.


The future of wellness is here.

Golden Biohack opened in 2019 in Golden, Colorado. Born from the desire to make available the most advanced tools for health and longevity, its owners and staff share a common goal with our clients to empower, go beyond conventional approaches to health, longevity, performance.

Our Approach

There is no magic button, no special pill, or forbidden tea that will instantly transform someone into their fully optimized self. We are not a one-size-fits-all outfit. Golden Biohack clients are supported through their customized journey. That being said, every journey goes through 3 phases.

Stage One


We start with the Inbody 770, a state-of-the-art body composition measurement tool previously accessible only through high-end centers and professional training facilities. This immediately delivers pages of accurate data to pinpoint your starting line, as well as your body’s needs and your future weight-loss and muscle-gain goals.

We move on to assess grip strength and discuss the role of functional strength within overall health. And with the ARX, we will assess not only your body’s strength in lifting, concentric, but the far more revealing eccentric power of your body.

Health is not physical fitness alone; we also need to measure your current brainstate to gain a holistic picture. To accomplish this, we reveal a snapshot of your brain through a WAVI EEG scan. In less than 50 minutes, this technology provides multiple readouts of your brain’s power, “age”, and condition.

Stage Two


Building upon the assessment, Golden Biohack experts work with you to build a strategy that optimizes the life-enhancing benefits of our technology with the experience-it-to-believe-it restorative and recovery that enables your body to enhance itself.

Stage Three


After crafting a strategic plan tailored to your unique body and goals, we work where and when you are able to visit Golden Biohack to maximize your investment.


Beyond conventional approaches to health, longevity, and performance.